End points running 100% disk due to Cynet memory scanner. What is the issue?

We recommend not to remove Cynet.

We need to get enough information to understand what exactly it is -  disk, memory or CPU

In order to better understand the issue, we need answers for the following questions:
1. When this issue has started?
2. How many machines are affected?
3. Were there any changes in your environment recently that could cause this issue?
4. How machines perform when you observe this behavior?
5. Could you please specify if you are referring to the disk, memory or CPU? What makes you think it is disk/memory/CPU? Have you tried running windirstat to see what directories take the disk space? If no, please try.
6. Please provide screenshots and logs that can present this issue to us/where you see this issue happening.
7. If it is related to the I/O activity, please collect perfmon logs for a 15 minute period. 
Once we get this information, we will be able to investigate it further.

Possible causes:

OutsourcedTech: "It was a disc issue. Even though it was a brand new PC it has a spinner and apparently it hit a bad block. Computers only about 2 months old so we didn't suspect the drive at first. But even after removing Cynet we encountered massive speed issues when it would hit that block."

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