How to Complete Funding Application

This article explains how to access and complete the funding application online. This is a fast and simple process. 

Access Funding Application here:

Follow these steps to complete the form: 

  • You will need to create an account as part of the process, this allows you to receive a copy of the completed form automatically. 
  • NOTE: When you complete this form, it is automatically submitted to your account manager. You then need to manually submit your 6 month bank statements and 6 months Credit Card Statement to 
    • You can just download these pdf attachments from your bank/merchant site. And send these as an attachment to one email. If you are sending more than one email please make sure you include in the email subject your company name and the email number sequence. Example: 1234 Funding #1 
    • This allows our team to process your emails faster. 
  • There are 3 ways you can Create an account in DocHub
    1. Sign in with Google - You can create an account using your GMail account
    2. Sign in with SSO Authentication - Your company's DocHub domain or your email address
    3. Enter your email address and password
  • Once signed in, select Fill a Copy. It will then ask you how you want to Make a Copy. Choose Fill a copy (only you) then click the Fill Copy button on the bottom. This will create a copy of this document that you'll be able to fill out. The copy will be automatically saved to your dashboard's inbox. Permissions will allow you to make changes and will grant Ben Bressington <> read access. When you finish, click Finalize to lock the document and to notify Ben Bressington.

  • Make sure you tick on the box that you agree to use electronic records and signatures then click the green Let's do this! button. Once selected you will be able to fill out the form.

  • Make sure you fill out all required fields. These fields have required word in gold/yellow indicator.

fill out form

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