Using Kiosk Portal for Cyber Awareness Training

This article provides the help information for using the Kiosk portal provided by ChatFortress. 

How to access the Kiosk Training Portal: 

To access the kiosk training portal you can use the URL:

  1. This will display a login page for a master account, admin account, or manager role-based account. If you need help upgrading your user roles please email [email protected] and our team will support you.  
  2. Note that the Kiosk URL does not change and all companies can use and share the same URL. 
  3. You can log in using your manager account on multiple devices. 

Once logged in you will see the employee selection dashboard. 

  • This is where users/users will select their account to login and complete their training.
  • Note that the MASTER LOGOUT is located in the bottom right. This is now how employees should logout or complete their session. The employees will use the Finish session buttons in the top right of their kiosk portal.  

Employees Select Account from List

Once the employee account is selected it will load the training courses available to that employee. Confirmation of access will be provided by displaying the employee's name at the top of the page. 

Accessing Lessons: 

To access the lessons you need to select a course from your courses dashboard. Then you will see the available lessons within that course. 

How do Employees log out?

For an employee to log out when they have completed their training session, all they need to do is click the RED "Finish Session" button which is always displayed in the top right corner. 

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