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Q: I’ve been getting dozens of these “dmarc_support” emails from various domains (google, yahoo, amazonses, etc.) over the last few weeks and I’ve been sending them to 911.  What can be done to stop this?

A. Two Options: 

  1. Setup custom Rule in Mailbox 
  2. Edit Txt file to turn off alerts. 
This is due to the DMARC report settings being turned on for the domain at the DNS level. This is part of the DMARC validation process in your email inbox.  What we do is setup a rule for the subject because they are all the same and we move them automatically to a folder. 

DMARC reports are usually sent once  a day by email. They're sent to the email addresses you specify when you define your  DMARC record. If  reports are turned on with the rua  DMARC record tag in your  DMARC record, every server that receives mail from your domain sends a  report.

You can TURN OFF the DMARC report by editing the Text File on the domain DNS settings; 

If you must turn off DMARC, change your DMARC policy to p=none. If you also want to turn off reports, remove the rua tag from your DMARC TXT record. Then update your DMARC TXT record with these changes by following the steps in Add your DMARC record.

Sending the emails to 911@ will not stop them because these are legitimate reporting emails used by mail servers to validate the security settings on your domain.  

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