Cynet 360 Install

Here are some notes to consider when installing Cynet: 

1. To Access your Install Agent files, please review your email for the dedicated webpage that contains your install file links. If you do not have this or can not find it. Please connect with and our team will provide you with the correct URL. 

2. Our managed clients are provided with access to the install agents to complete the install. There is no cynet portal access. To complete the install you need to email with the following information: 

Firewall Settings: 

The following networking requirements are necessary for Cynet 360 network communication:
Source Destination Protocol  Port(s)
Cynet Server Windows Endpoints TCP 445
Windows Endpoints Cynet Server TCP 443
Cynet Server Linux/MAC Endpoints TCP 22
Management Endpoints*  Cynet Server TCP 8443
Cynet Server^ Cynet Cloud TCP 443

* TCP Port 8443 is used for the web management interface. During Cynet 360’s installation, this port is opened on the Windows firewall however any third-party host firewalls will need this port opened.
^ TCP port 443 is used for the HTTPS TLS encrypted connection from the Cynet 360 server to ( the Cynet virtual private cloud (VPC) for security threat intelligence.


● For all endpoint exclude CynetEPS.exe and CynetMS.exe from antivirus engine
● On the Cynet server exclude Cynet360\EPS, Cynet360\DB and Cynet360\Analysis folder from antivirus scanning.
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