Didn't Receive Training Email

If you didn't receive your training email here are steps you can take: 

  • Check your SPAM folder to validate the email is not in your JUNK folder. The email subject will be "NEW LESSON:" 
    • Email is sent from "[email protected]" . Please search for the subject line or from this sender. 
  • Email [email protected] and Request "Training Email Resend" 
    • Our team will resend you the email for your reference. 
  • Configure SMS (Text Message Notifications) If you edit your Profile and add your cell phone this will allow us to send your SMS messages for these training links. 

What does the email look like?

Here is a sample email for your reference. Please note the look of the email.

This email contains a tokenized link that will automatically log you into your account. This tokenized link expires after 14 days, so you will need to login to your account if you click on the link 14 days after it was sent. 

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