Report Card Reseller Onboarding

Welcome to the ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Card Reseller Program. 

This is a fun and exciting program that is constantly evolving because of our real-world in the trenches approach. The ChatFortress team is constantly optimizing this approach and testing concepts around the world. 

You will enjoy the people and the systems you gain access to as part of this program. Here are the action items as part of your onboarding. You should be able to complete these steps within the next 30 minutes. What you do now will help you launch over the next 30 days. 

Report Card Reseller Program onboarding steps: 

  1. Sign and Accept the Reseller Agreement
    1. This should have been completed as part of your account setup. This is the digital agreement you access and attach your payment to during checkout.
  2. Schedule Reseller onboarding Session:
    1. This is your onboarding session with a ChatFortress team member to ensure your account is fully set up and you know how to use it. 
  3. Confirm access to 
    1. This is how you access the ChatFortress system to access training and create Cybersecurity Report Cards. You should have a welcome email with your access. Refer to this. article about how to login
  4. Setup Reseller Account
    1. Complete Profile 
    2. Connect account. If the Reseller does not have a stripe account they can set up an account during this time. It is a free account to set up and how they will receive payments from ChatFortress. 
  5.  Complete Account > Report Card Reseller Tab 
     This is where we will brand the Cybersecurity Report Cards based on the information in these fields. 
    1. Items to complete: 
      - Upload Logo 
      - Upload Contact information for Public Directory Customization. 
      - Upload calendar link.
      - Define Ads on Public Directory: Our team can create some ad images if you don’t have any. There will be 3 ads displayed here.
  6.  Confirm Reseller knows how to access the training within the ChatFortress account. 
  7. Confirm the Reseller knows how to submit their questions to ChatFortress. 

Marketing Launch: 

1. Define the list of leads you want to target with Cybersecurity Report Cards. 

2. Define the existing clients you want to approach with Cybersecurity Report Cards. 

3. Create these report cards. The Reseller can complete this task or if you email [email protected] our team will complete these Cybersecurity Report Cards.

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