Add Friend to Course

Add 7 Friends or Family for FREE!

As part of the ChatFortress mission to improve a companies cybersecurity culture, we allow every paid license to invite 7 friends or family to access their online training.  You can have up to 7 friends or family access to the training at no cost. 


  1. Click Add Friend 
  2. Enter the contact information of Invitee 
  3. The invitee will receive an email or text message within 60 seconds with an access link. 
  4. Remind the invitee to claim their access within 7 days or it will expire. 

To do this you need to login to the Course you want to share with your 7, then click on the "Add Friend" button.

This will then load the next step screen where you can enter the email or phone number of the person you are inviting. The person will receive an email invitation or Text message invitation to access the course. 

The person you invite will have 7 Days to claim their invitation or it will expire. Make sure you let the person know they have an invitation to redeem. 

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