How to Access Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The Training menu on the left of your account gives you access to your Training Courses provided by ChatFortress. 

  • If you do not have access to a Training please connect with [email protected] and our team will assist you. Or refer to this help article
  • You need to ensure you have applied your license to the employee for them to gain access to the training.

To access your Training Courses, you need to log into your ChatFortress account. To login visit:

If you have a license for a specific course it will display a green “view” button. If you don’t have access it will display a blue “buy license” button. 
To access your course you can click the Green View button. 
When you click the "View" button it will then load the Course lessons that you have access. 

Your course is broken into the following sections. 

  1. Tells you how many lessons you have completed. 
  2. Tells you your current quiz score
  3. It allows you to invite 7 Friends to access the course for FREE! Share your access with any friends or family. 
  4. Current Lesson Plan. 
  5. Your Activity feed. This tells you all the actions you have completed. 
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