The employee's tab allows you to manage the Child (Sub) Accounts that are attached to your account.

You can configure what your employees have access to. This can include but not limited too: 

  • Access to Training Courses. Training Courses do need license allocation 
  • Access to Monitoring Hacked objects 
  • Access to Cybersecurity Report Cards 

How do I access employee section?

You can access the employee section here: https://app.chatfortress.com/account/employees
Or you gain access via Account Tab: Employes at the top menu. 

As you can see each employee is attached to a specific company. This allows you to segment your employees by companies if you have more than one. 

Notifications: This is how your employees will receive notifications of new lessons or other import system communications. You MUST have at least 1 notification option enabled.  


You must assign an employee a license to access the training courses. If you DO NOT assign an employee a license they will NOT have access to the training courses that you provide. 

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