Creating Cybersecurity Report Cards

This article explains how to create a Cybersecurity Report Card within your Reseller account. Click on the Company button on the Left menu. Or you can access the page here:

Please Note: To create a Cybersecurity Report Card from within your account, you need a Reseller account. If you are a client and want to create a Cybersecurity Report Card, please do this via page. Each company domain can only have ONE (1) cybersecurity Report Card generated every 365 days. Therefore, if the report card already exists within our database and was created within the last 364 days, you will only get access to this Cybersecurity Report Card. 

Click Create Company: 

When you click on Create company you will get the options to enter the variables for this company. Please note that the ONLY fields required are the company name, website URL and business category.

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