How to Create and Access Report Card

How to Create a Report Card

To create a new report card, access ChatFortress' Companies section by clicking Companies in the bottom left menu. Select Add Company and enter the new company's information. 

1. Click the "Companies" button.

This will then load a new screen that allows you to add a new company. You will then presented with the following options. 

2. Adding Company

Choose a category you would like to assign from the drop down menu, enter the company name and website URL then select the Create button. You can already run reports with these 3 information. You may enter additional information any time.

How to Access a Report Card

To access your report card, click on Companies in the bottom left menu. 

1. Click the "Companies" button.

This will then load a new screen that allows you to search for the new company. Type the company name under the Name search bar.

2. Getting the company's report card link.

Once your report card is ready, you will be presented with two report links: Public Directory and Private Report Page. 

Public Directory Page displays a general Report Card that is available to the public. This report card provides you a summary of your risk. We direct all social traffic and outbound marketing directly to this page to engage company in conversation.

Private Report Page displays the full Report Card with detailed Cybersecurity Report along with your Vulnerabilities Blueprint Report. This is the report card we provide to people who schedule a call with our sales team. We ensure it's provided to domain owners or admin only due to leaked credentials data and vulnerabilities blueprint.

NOTE: Your Full Cybersecurity Report Card includes:

  • Executive summary for C-Level Presentations or board member meetings.
  • Access to your Cybersecurity Report Card for 365 days!
  • Cyber Attack Risk Assessment - Understand how you will experience cyber-attacks and what impact this can have on your business.
  • Full disclosure of Hacked dark web accounts. This part of the report shares the exact user names, passwords, and Personal Identifiable Information exposed on the dark web. Hackers use this information to compromise your accounts!
  • Full details on all the found vulnerabilities and what you need to do to resolve these vulnerabilities.
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