Don't you need my permission

I never authorized you to run a report card?

The Cybersecurity report card is public domain information and is information that hackers use to exploit systems. Due to the nature of being public domain.

Most companies are unaware that this type of information exists, and we are bringing it to their attention so they can protect themselves from cyber-attacks, which could have been prevented. 
Because the information is public domain, we do not need permission to run a scan. There was nothing that passed your network, and it is NOT an internal scan. It is an external passive scan using known public domain data. 
If you would like us to complete internal scans for you, that is a different service we can talk about. 
We are more than happy to provide you with the Full Report so you can see the vulnerabilities discovered and how to remediate them. This allows you to hold your IT team accountable for remediating these vulnerabilities.  (Just part of the value we are looking to provide you)
We provide this Cybersecurity Report Card at no cost to you. We are helping you to start conversations about cybersecurity and reducing your risk within your business. You can request your report card by email [email protected]
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