License Management

Licenses are used to manage your user permissions to the different products within the ChatFortress ecosystem. You need to purchase licenses then you can assign them to users. This allows you control who each license is assigned at any point in time. All licenses are billed monthly. If you have questions please email [email protected] 

How to Add a License: 

Access license section here:

1. Click the “Add License” button. 

This will then load a new screen that allows you to activate the license you need. This will then present you with the following options. 

2.Adding your License 

Note: that adding a license requires a valid form of payment on your account. If there is not a form of payment on your account it will prompt you to add a payment method. 

Options for adding a License: 

1. Enter a name for your reference to what this license relates too. This is only for your internal reference and will be displayed on invoices. This could be for a specific department or person for example. 

2. Select the product and the plan you are looking to add to your account. 

3. It allows you to choose the number of licenses you will be purchasing during these sessions. You will see the price of each license to confirm the charges you will be accepting. 

4. Enter a coupon code if you are using a coupon for your purchase. The coupon code will instantly validate and show you the updated pricing. 

5. Payment Section: This is where you will add a payment if no payment exists or choose a payment method from one that exists on your account already.

6. "Click Create Button": Remember to click the create button. This will process the license and add it to your account. 

NOTE: Creating Licenses is a TWO STEP process. 

  1. You need to purchase the licenses and add them to your account. 
  2. You need to assign the license to an employee or child-account. You can do this via the Employee's section. 

The employees' section allows you to control which of your users have access to licenses at any point in time. This allows you to move or re-assign licenses if they are no longer needed for a specific employee.

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