Where did this data come from for the Cybersecurity Report Card?

All of the data used in these cybersecurity report cards are public domain. It's the same data hackers use to assess the company's vulnerabilities before a cyberattack. 

None of the data used within this free report card has been part of an internal network test of the company. 
Here are some of the data points that your ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Card audits. Data extracted from the domain name without anything to install by the user.  
* Botnet Infections
* Spam Propagation
* Malware Servers
* Unsolicited Communications
* Potentially Exploited
* SPF Domains
* DKIM Records
* TLS/SSL Certificates TLS/SSL Configuration Open Ports
* Web Application Headers Patching Cadence
* Insecure Systems
* Server Software
* Desktop Software
* Mobile Software
* DNSSEC Records
* Mobile Application Security 
* Domain Squatting
* File Sharing
* Exposed Credentials
ChatFortress collects information about Public Disclosures from a variety of sources. A Public Disclosure event is attributed to a company when there is significant, publicly-disclosed evidence that the company was at fault for the data loss, such as a company-issued disclosure notice or investigation from a credit card company. The risk vectors are Breaches and Other Disclosures.
Companies can upgrade their Cybersecurity Report Card listing and become certified companies as part of the ChatFortress Fortified Program. 
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