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Why is this Cybersecurity Report Card Free? 

Currently, companies treat cybersecurity like hunting bigfoot, due to the complexity of cyberattacks and the lack of technical understanding. But, it does not have to be that way. 

Our goal is to help Business owners start conversations about their cybersecurity culture. We at ChatFortress realized that the only way we are going to make positive changes to protect the company's digital assets and therefore safeguard consumers' privacy was to create a new standard for cybersecurity conversations. 

Therefore the team at ChatFortress knew there had to be a better way to approach cybersecurity. That's why we created the ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Card. 
Our mission is to provide every business with a complimentary cybersecurity audit. The ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Card is a free complimentary, independent audit of a companies cybersecurity risk, which is published annually. It's only via publishing the report cards that we empower users and companies to start conversations about protecting their digital assets. 
This provides business owners with a transparent and independent audit of their cybersecurity risk. The report card allows C-level executives to understand their risk without having to understand the technology. Therefore improving the decisions made by C-level executives.   
We provide 3rd party vendors and financial companies with the ability to quantify and assess cyber risk like never before. Cybercriminals are exploiting the trust of we have in our vendors to gain access to our systems. Therefore one of your biggest attack vectors will be the trust you have in your 3rd party vendors. 
We provide consumers with the ability to review the companies they choose to work with, ensuring the consumer's privacy is protected. 
Cybersecurity is complicated, and business owners don't have access to all the current information about cyberattacks and the associated risk. Therefore it's hard for business owners and C-level executives to understand their current cybersecurity risk. If a company does not understand their cybersecurity risk, how can that company effectively implement a strategy to protect their digital assets. 
We at ChatFortress knew we could make it easier for everyone to quantify and understand their Cybersecurity risk. That's why we created the cybersecurity report card, to help business owners to create the new standard for starting cybersecurity conversations.
Only when you know what your cybersecurity risk is, and where your vulnerabilities are can you improve your cybersecurity culture. That's why we offer every business, and every website, a free complimentary report card every year. 
Cybersecurity is an issue that impacts everyone, not just the business owners. If companies don't have a fortified cybersecurity program, it's their customers that become the victims of cybercriminals.  
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