Client: ChatFortress Workflows

How to Create an Employee

Access Account Settings by clicking  Account in the bottom left menu. Select Employees then Create Employee. Once a new employee created, you can set up a notifications setting by selecting either or both options, Notify by Email and Notify by SMS.


The ChatFortress dashboards provide a high-level aggregated view of your ChatFortress system. From Account Setup and System Status; to statistics and reports on real-world mitigated incidents, and your Email Guardian day-to-day activity.

How to Access Training

How to Add Lincences

Adding Monitorning Objects

Monitoring object is the item you want ChatFortress to scan the dark web for. This could be for any reference to your email or domain name. When you add a domain name, we will search all databases for mention of any email address associated to your domain name. You don't need a person's permission to add a domain name or email as this is public information.

How to add a new payment option:

Click Account > Billing > Choose payment options: Add Credit Card or Add Bank Account.

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