Admin: ChatFortress Workflows

How to Create a New User

To create a new user, access ChatFortress Users by clicking Users in the bottom left menu. Enter your user information and choose which permissions you would like to grant to your user from the Account Type option.

How to Create an Employee

Access Account Settings by clicking Account in the bottom left menu. Select Employees then Create Employee. Once a new employee created, you can set up a notifications setting by selecting either or both options, Notify by Email and Notify by SMS.

How to add a new payment option:

Click Account > Billing > Choose payment options: Add Credit Card or Add Bank Account.

How to Schedule a Course or Lesson 

Go to Courses > Select the Course Title > Choose Schedule then Create Schedule 

You can then assign a single Lesson or Course to your employees. The ChatFortress system sends out emails or SMS notification according to the user's settings.

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