OWA Reporting Button FAQ

OWA Reporting Button FAQ

Should users get an immediate feedback reply message when they submit items using the report phishing button?
Yes. When a user reports an email, they will see a Reported Successfully message in Outlook.

When a report is classified, will the reporter get feedback regarding the report?
This depends on the settings. You can choose to send your users email notifications, or not.

I have added the OWA button to our users/user, but we don’t see it in the users’ mailboxes (Outlook or web browsers)
According to Microsoft, it may take up to 24h for the add-in to appear in one or all of your supported Outlook apps EXT HERE

I can see the OWA add-in, with the default Outlook appslogo instead of IRONSCALES’
Please allow the following URLs: https://staticmediafiles.s3.amazonaws.com/ and amazontrust.com*

I can see OWA but while testing the report, I got:  APP ERROR This add-in could not be started. Close this dialog to ignore the problem or click “Restart” to try again. 

Error Message: 

Microsoft’s OWA requires Protected Mode to be enabled in your Internet Explorer Settings. Go to Internet Options and check the Enable Protected Mode option > Restart Outlook.

I am trying to report an email from my Outlook main screen, but the OWA add-in is grayed out

Outlook Reading Pane must be active in order to enable OWA add-in reports directly from Outlook’s main screen. 

I can’t see the OWA add-in reporting button.
Please make sure the end-user is using supported Outlook apps

I’m using Outlook for Mac and while I was trying to report an email, I received the error message “parsing error occurred”.
This error appears mostly on old versions of Outlook for Mac (16.23 and 16.24). An update to a new version (16.26 and later) should resolve this issue.

For some reason, I see the OWA reporting button in my Outlook mobile app and in the web version but not in my client app. What’s the reason for that?
In most cases, this is caused by the reading pane configuration. If the reading pane is turned off, the button will not appear.

Is it possible to change the IRONSCALES logo that appears on the OWA reporting button to my company’s logo?
Yes, you can generate your own manifest file through the IRONSCALES dashboard. Go to Settings->Report phishing Add-on-(O365) and fill in the ‘Modify and generate a manifest XML for Office365 deployment’ section.

When mailbox users report an email, they get the message: "You currently cannot use the Report Phishing button. Please contact your admin for assistance."
This probably relates to an error with the Report Phishing button installation. To resolve this, try reinstalling the OWA Report Phishing button on the affected mailboxes.

  1. In Outlook, click File > Manage Add-ins.

  2. In the Add-Ins for Outlook dialog box, click My add-ins and uninstall the Report Phishing add-in.

  3. In IRONSCALES, go to Settings > Report Phishing Add-on - (O365) and download the Report Phishing button XML. (For IT or Admin access to IRONSCALES)
    Contact [email protected] to get the XML file.

  4. Return to your Office 365 Outlook page and do the following:

    1. In the Add-ins for Outlook dialog box, click Add a custom-add-in and select Add from File. 
    2. Browse to and add the XML you downloaded.
    3. In the Warning popup, click Install.

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