How to uninstall the O365 reporting button

If the reporting button is working unexpectedly or doesn't work at all, a possible solution is to reinstall it. There are several possible reasons for the reporting button to work unexpectedly, including a missed O365 integration or reporting button installation step, network error during the configuration, etc. Before reinstalling, please check out OWA Reporting Button FAQ, as it might have a quicker and less intrusive solution.

To uninstall the reporting button:

  1. Remove the Report phishing app from the Microsoft 365 admin center.
    1. As an O365 global admin, navigate to
    2. Open the left menu and click Settings > Integrated Apps.
    3. In the Integrated apps page, click the Report phishing app and then click Remove app.
  2. Remove the Report phishing add-on from the Exchange admin center.
    1. As an O365 global admin, navigate to (make sure to enable third-party cookies if having trouble viewing).
    2. Go to Organization > Add-ins.
    3. Select the Report phishing add-on by IRONSCALES and click the Delete button.
  3. If you uninstalled the add-on in order to fix an issue with it, you can reinstall it at this time, as explained in Office 365 Add-on (OWA Reporting Button) Installation Guide.
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