I can’t see the Report as Phishing add-in in the Outlook Client.


When you log in to your Outlook web client, the IRONSCALES add-in appears, however, the add-in does not appear in the Outlook client.



Outlook Client

Solution  1 - Microsoft’s Connected Experiences is disabled. 

  1. Open your Outlook client.
  2. Go to File → Options → Trust Center → Trust Center Settings
  3. Click on Privacy Options → PrivacySettings → (tick) to enable optional connected experiences. 

It is recommended to use policy settings to manage privacy controls for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, learn more here.

Solution 2 - The end-users reading pane might be disabled.  

By default, the Outlook reading pane is set as active to the right of each end-user’s mailbox. Setting the reading pane to “Off” will hide the Report as Phishing add-in from Outlook’s main screen. The add-in will still appear when the end-user reads their messages in a new window.

  1. Open your Outlook client
  2. Click on the “view” tab in the navigation pane
  3. Choose Reading Pane.

  4. Set the value to Right / Bottom. 

Please note, by default, Outlook shows the Reading pane to the right of the folders and messages. If this option is marked as “Off”, our add-in will appear only if the end-user opens the message in a new window (double-click action) 

Solution 3 - Customize The Ribbon.

  1. Open the Outlook client
  2. Right-click on the Outlook ribbon > Customize the Ribbon…  

  3. Search for the IRONSCALES add-in in all the sub-folders.
  4. Move the IRONSCALES add-in to the Home (Mail) folder – Click here for a demonstration.
  5. Click OK.

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