To uninstall Mac sensors:

  1. On the machine, create an empty file named cr_uninstall.sh.
  2. Copy the content of the script in the Uninstallation script section (see below) and paste the content into the cr_uninstall.sh file.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Run the following command to ensure that the script can execute:
sudo chmod +x ./cr_uninstall.sh
  1. Execute the script:
sudo ./cr_uninstall.sh


If you have trouble uninstalling, check that the relevant files and processes listed in the Allow sensor processes to run on third-party tools tables are not being blocked by any third-party antivirus tools.


#!/bin/bash echo "Stopping probe" services="com.cybereason.activeprobe com.cybereason.av" LAUNCH_DAEMONS_PATH=/Library/LaunchDaemons for service in $services; do launchctl stop $service done if [[ $(kextstat -l -b com.Bitdefender.iokit.av) ]]; then echo "Unloading AV driver" kextunload -b com.Bitdefender.iokit.av fi echo "Removing launch daemon registration" for service in $services; do full_plist_path=${LAUNCH_DAEMONS_PATH}/${service}.plist launchctl unload ${full_plist_path} rm -f ${full_plist_path} done echo "Removing Preference Panel from /Library/PreferencePanes" rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/ActiveProbe.prefPane echo "Removing AV driver from /Library/Extensions" rm -rf /Library/Extensions/IOKitBDAv.kext echo "Cleanup logs, quarantine, packages and configuration" rm -rf /usr/local/cybereason

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