Additional steps for enabling Mac AV (Anti-Malware > Signatures mode).

From version 19.1, Mac Sensors support Signature-based protection (Mac AV).

If you plan to enable Mac AV now or in the future, perform these additional steps:

The installation can take several minutes to complete. After installation, it may take several minutes until the Signatures DB is downloaded.

1. This step must be performed on the machine itself due to an Apple requirement (not via VNC). On High Sierra, Mojave, and Catalina, during or after installation, a popup appears with the title ‘System Extension Blocked’.

a. On High Sierra, click OK to close the popup message, then open System Preferences > Security & Privacy. On Mojave and Catalina, click Open Security Preferences.
b. On Catalina, click the Lock icon to make changes.
c. In the Security & Privacy > General tab in the ‘Allow apps downloaded from’ area, next to the statement ‘System software from developer Bitdefender was blocked from loading’, click Allow.

  • If you are installing Mac AV remotely, the Allow button may be disabled. To enable the Allow button, you may need to restart the machine. If you are using a 3rd party application to emulate a mouse or trackpad, close this application to enable the Allow button.
    If you do not perform the above step, AV will not be able to run. If you try to enable it, its status will be ‘initializing’. Other sensor functionality will continue to work as expected. In this scenario, the only way to enable AV is to run an update to the TCC profile via Jamf Pro.
2. On Mojave only: After the installation, enable full disk access for Mac AV:
a. Open System Preferences.
b. Click Security and Privacy.
c. Click the Lock icon to make changes.
d. In the Privacy tab, select Full Disk Access.
e. Open a new Finder window and press command + shift + G to enter the Sensor installation path.
f. Enter this path: /Library/PreferencePanes/ActiveProbe.prefPane/Contents/MacOS
g. Drag the Mac AV file (com.cybereason.av) to the Full Disk Access list (see image below).
h. Click OK.

3. Restart the machine.

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